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One-of-a-Kind Prescription Shopping from Levrx

The best prescription deals in the palm of your hand.

(TROY, NY) – Today, Levrx Technology Inc. announces the addition of coupon cards to their existing prescription shopping app. Patients and providers can now easily compare the cost of a prescription within insurance or through well-known coupon and discount cards.

The country’s total drug spending increased by 7.7% in 2021, growing to $576.9 billion, according to a study released by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The continued skyrocketing costs of prescriptions combined with increasing costs of basic goods is causing many individuals to choose between medications and other necessities, like groceries or gas.

“According to a Truven Health Analytics, the majority of patients who failed to fill their prescriptions reported high costs as their reason,” said Vikram Agrawal, President & CEO at Levrx. “We’re making it easy for individuals to take control of their prescription costs and remain adherent.”

Most of the time insurance offers the best price or a lower-cost alternative, however 23% of prescriptions written can be purchased at an even lower-cost by paying cash with a coupon card. These cards can lower an individual’s cost share and reduce overall pharmacy spend for employers and health plans by 10- 15% without adverse effects on patient care.

What Levrx uniquely delivers is a way for all these parties to remain digitally connected and informed throughout the prescription journey. The Levrx technology not only makes it easier for individuals to find applicable coupon cards, but it also enables employers and plans to see these transactions and savings in near real time. Previously, employers and plans had no line of site into coupon card utilization since the transaction happens outside of insurance.

“By embracing our technology, the patient, payer, provider, and pharmacy remain connected in a digital prescription experience that empowers individuals to combat rising costs,” says Vikash Agrawal, Executive Chairman at Levrx. “Our goal is to make the prescription process as affordable and simple as possible.”

About Levrx Technology: Levrx is an innovative software company that uses technology to transform the healthcare experience, one prescription at a time. Levrx aligns providers, patients, pharmacies, and payers on one platform to simplify prescribing and ensure affordability. To learn more, please visit:


Lauren Sgambati
Levrx Technology