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High-Cost Prescription Relief

TROY, NY and PHILADELPHIA, PA, – Health Insurance Solutions Inc. (HISI) and Levrx Technology Inc. are making it easier for patients to receive their prescriptions at the best price possible. With the Levrx Member App patients are digitally notified of lower-cost alternatives and savings programs. Together with HISI, Levrx has added a new savings lever called “High-Cost Relief” to the mobile app. 

Specialty drugs are significantly more expensive than traditional therapies, often costing the patient anywhere from $24,000 to more than $100,000 per year. For most, specialty drugs are lifesaving and life-sustaining therapies not covered by insurance. The High-Cost Relief savings lever was implemented to help eligible patients pay zero dollars for high-cost medications.  

Specialty drugs are complex and expensive; they continue to represent over 60% of drug spend for Employer groups. By collaborating with Levrx, we are able to digitize and streamline our tenured Specialty Drug Management program. Additionally, we can offer our clients the opportunity to make cost-saving choices on all their prescriptions with the Levrx technology.” says Nanette Poserina, President and CEO of HISI. 

With the High-Cost Relief savings lever, patients are aware of available savings programs, can submit necessary information, and communicate with advocates digitally. Not only does this add transparency but expedites results and increases medication adherence.  

Levrx was founded to help people better understand their prescription benefit and ultimately lower drug spend for all stakeholders. Our partnership with HISI provides an additional lever for savings that makes drugs more affordable and attainable.” says Vikram Agrawal, Co-Founder and CEO/President at Levrx Technology. “When individuals can afford their medications, they are twice as likely to take them as directed. By offering affordable options, we are helping people take control of their health.” adds Vikash Agrawal, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Levrx Technology.  

About HISI: For over 25 years, HISI has been managing specialty drugs and consistently finding over 60% savings for their clients. Today, HISI is recognized as the proven leader in the Pharmacy Benefit Management Industry and manages over one hundred million dollars in drug spend. For the second year, HISI has been named to Inc5000 and highlighted by the Philadelphia Business Journal, HISI continues to expand on its mission to save clients’ money and provide excellent innovative thinking.   

About Levrx: Levrx is an innovative software company that uses technology to transform the healthcare experience, one prescription at a time. Levrx aligns providers, patients, pharmacies, and payers on one digital platform to simplify prescribing and ensure affordability. Learn more at  


Lauren Sgambati
Levrx Technology