Meet incentives, boost workflow, and increase patient satisfaction with a platform that integrates with your EHR.
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Practices today are expected to coordinate care, improve outcomes, and boost satisfaction across the healthcare ecosystem–all while meeting government mandates.

Our platform is free for practices and fuels them with the trusted plan data needed for more informed prescription and care gap decisions at the point-of-care. This allows practices to maximize incentive dollars for quality and cost metrics while meeting CMS price transparency mandates.

By integrating with existing workflows and delivering prior authorization results five times faster, the Levrx platform also eliminates unnecessary paperwork and makes life easier.

What could better than increased incentive dollars and less paperwork? Increases patient satisfaction. By easily finding the best prescription alternative to drive down out-of-pocket prescription costs, the Levrx platform also helps to ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed and patients are proactively managing their health and staying out of the Emergency Room.

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