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According to The American Society of Health System Pharmacists, total drug spending increased by 7.7% in 2021 alone. Even with the cost cutting techniques that are leveraged today, the industry is still seeing skyrocketing costs. Employers need an effective way to engage their employees and give them tools to find the lowest net cost option.  

With Levrx, you can meet your clients’ needs and differentiate with a unique solution. The Levrx Member App delivers personalized data driven insights that members then use to identify and select the most cost-effective prescription choices. The app allows you to: 

  • Differentiate in a crowded marketplace
  • Elevate your value proposition
  • Increase your revenue stream
  • Expand your clinical programs with digital engagement 

Our technology integrates with existing clinical and cost savings programs, apps, and websites to ensure that each member can easily make the most informed decision when it comes to their care. Our customizable solution can be white labeled and configured to each of your client’s needs.

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