Save money, find the best pharmacy, and easily manage medications.
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Is my medication covered by my health insurance? How much will I be paying for my prescriptions? Is there a less expensive option for me? These are all normal questions members ask themselves when they’re prescribed a new medication. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to answer and prescribers are in a similar position. 

These answers are needed at the point of prescribing, in real time, and personalized to the member in order to empower the member and prescriber to choose the best medication at the lowest cost. Having this information gives members the power to combat the skyrocketing cost of drugs.

The Levrx Member™ App is a mobile app that connects the health plan, provider and pharmacy directly with the member to deliver personalized prescription insights in real time. These insights allow the member to: 

  • Shop for the best drug alternative 
  • Be alerted to savings opportunities  
  • Switch medications and pharmacies with one click 
  • Keep track of medications 
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