Drive down costs while boosting employee benefits satisfaction.
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Cutting costs while compromising employee satisfaction too often go hand-in-hand. Just hearing the words “restructured benefits” can send employees running. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We all know first hand how complicated the prescription journey is. Unlike other goods, prescription price and alternatives are unknown to the end consumer, creating confusion and frustration time-and-time again. The way to effectively solve this issue is by providing price and alternative transparency to individuals and their doctors at the point of care.

Not only is the prescription process complicated, but the costs are skyrocketing. By providing digital transparency, Levrx helps you and your employees directly save money. From our claims analysis, a large employer typically has a 10-20% annual prescription savings opportunity.

Levrx is providing never-before seen information at the fingertips of the consumer so they can choose the most cost-effective medications and pharmacies – all in real time. Our adherence and coordination programs further assist patients with their medications by ensuring their health is managed in new and innovative ways.

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