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A trip to the pharmacy can be a stressful experience when you don’t know what to expect. Meet Sarah. She recently avoided the stress ...

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Araya Partners with Levrx to Deliver Members a Virtual Pharmacist

Our partnership with Levrx provides patients and providers with a tool to search for the most cost-effective drugs and where to purchase them, all in real-time.

John D. Bennett, MDPresident & CEOCDPHP

For me, Levrx is accurate formulary coverage. am able to look through and find out what drugs were on a tier one level or what I thought was covered and find out it’s not covered. think it’s an absolutely necessary tool to be able to improve prescribing, formulary compliance, cost savings, and improve workflow.

James P. Aram, MDBrunswick Family Practice

Sometimes in medicine, we don’t like to make change. All I’ll say is, try Levrx. Then you come back and tell me if it’s easier or harder. I know you’ll come back and say it made things easier.

Brian Sheridan, MDSchoolhouse Pediatrics

Levrx enhances Araya’s transparent business model for our clients by helping members and providers select the most cost-effective options at the point of prescribing with patient-specific pricing and alternatives.

Patrick McLaughlinPresidentAraya