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Is the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Right for My Members? 

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (MCCPDC) is taking the discount pharmacy world by storm. By promising the “lowest possible prices” and offering transparency, the company is grabbing the attention of consumers. After all, who doesn’t want the best price? 

With this tempting promise, many health plan members are enticed to change their drug purchasing practices. However, MCCPDC operates outside of insurance – how does this fit with their plans? Is it their best choice? 

Understanding how the company works is a key step in determining if the MCCPDC is right for your members. So, how exactly do they do it? According to their website, they buy a variety of generic medications directly from manufacturers, allowing them to minimize mark ups.  MCCPDC applies a standard 15% mark up to all drugs along with pharmacy labor and shipping fees. Overall, the savings are attained by purchasing directly and eliminating middlemen from their supply chain. 

Another critical consideration is MCCPDC’s intended audience. Cuban himself says that the company serves Americans who “don’t have insurance.” For the uninsured, it is a way to get prescriptions inexpensively. MCCPDC prices are typically similar to those of coupon card programs and other options. 

Your Members 

With so many options both inside and outside insurance, it is difficult for members to find the lowest price with the current available tools. Members have to be smart consumers and investigate all available solutions, including: 

  • A lower-cost alternative offered by insurance. 
  • A different pharmacy location, including dispensing programs.  
  • Receiving prescriptions through mail order. 

This process can be easier for members by giving them one place where they can easily see all their options. This is exactly what Levrx provides: a personalized app allowing your members to easily find the best price and take action. 

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