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Levrx Introduces a Game-Changing Pharmacy Shopping Experience

[Troy, NY] – Today marks a significant milestone as Levrx Technology revolutionizes how consumers can save by comparing their medication costs across different pharmacy locations.

Most consumers select their pharmacy based on its proximity to home or work, unaware that prices can vary within their insurance benefit. Just like shopping for any other product, comparing prices can help you find the best deal. Historically, doing this for prescriptions is time-consuming and frustrating. 

The latest enhancement to the Levrx app revolutionizes the way consumers manage their medications and pharmacy choices. With a single click, they can seamlessly transfer their prescriptions to their preferred pharmacy, streamlining the process like never before.

This additional feature builds upon an already impressive app, making it a game-changer in healthcare technology. Levrx also empowers consumers to find lower-cost clinical alternatives covered by their insurance or pharmacy programming, ensuring they receive the right medication at the best price starting with the first fill. The app further facilitates digital communication with healthcare providers, making it convenient for consumers to request a switch to lower-cost options at any time.

“Levrx is committed to revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. Everyone deserves affordable access to necessary medications, and we are excited to make it easier for patients to shop and save on their prescriptions.” said Vikram Agrawal, CEO of Levrx.

“In a landscape where the cost of prescriptions is skyrocketing, we are steadfast in our mission to alleviate this burden through the power of digital technology.” said Vikash Agrawal, Executive Chairman of Levrx. “Our commitment to making healthcare more affordable plays a pivotal role in empowering consumers to make informed and cost-effective healthcare decisions.” he added.

About Levrx:

Levrx is an innovative software company that utilizes the power of AI to revolutionize how individuals shop, save, and take control of their prescription drug costs. With a nationwide presence and over 1.5 million lives benefiting from our industry-leading technology, Levrx has already saved companies millions of dollars. Learn more at

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