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Technology is Not a Trend

Controlling pharmacy costs and mitigating risk has always been a priority for plan sponsors. In my time as a pharmacy benefit consultant, I worked with employers and hospitals to implement ideas and programs that aligned with their goals. While these programs are a strategic success, they cause member disruption and require time-consuming manual processes that could be mitigated with the right technology.

I worked with a large, self-insured employer that was covering Duexis, an expensive prescription that can be replaced with two over-the-counter medications. Since Duexis offered no clinical efficacy advantage, they worked with their PBM to add it to the non-covered drug exclusion list.

This saved hundreds of dollars per fill, but employees were shocked to learn that their medication was no longer covered when they arrived at the pharmacy. With the Levrx Member App, this negative experience is alleviated using proactive digital communication. Push notifications and emails alert members of personalized savings opportunities and benefit changes and they can easily engage our technology with one click.

Digital member engagement technology also eases the burden to the plan administrator. When a Health Center that I supported switched to a new PBM, the HR department was flooded with calls from confused and frustrated members. Unfortunately, many of the letters notifying affected members of important formulary changes were left unopened or undelivered.

The Levrx Member App minimizes disruption by using multi-channel communication to deliver information prior to plan changes, and  members can better understand and navigate their pharmacy benefit. Additionally, the HR team would no longer have to serve as the middleman, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and the new plan year.

Technology is essential. Patients and employers want to have control of their healthcare using digital tools through an enhanced experience. The Levrx Member App delivers this and supports plan sponsors with specific member engagement strategies, along with detailed outcomes reporting to validate pharmacy cost reductions for the plan and for their members.

Meet The Pharmacy Expert:

Bill Nulman is the Vice President, Channel Partnerships at Levrx Technology.  In 2022, after 25 years in the pharmacy benefit industry, he joined Levrx’s mission to change the prescribing ecosystem with revolutionary pharmacy technology. Learn more about Bill here!