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Digitally Increase 340B Prescription Capture Rate

The 340B program was created to help qualified entities reduce the cost of outpatient pharmaceuticals for patients, allowing for the expansion of comprehensive health services to the communities they serve. To support the continuity of care for underserved patients, it is essential to increase and maintain 340B capture rate through domestic and contract pharmacies.

Hospitals can leverage their employee pharmacy benefit plan design to increase utilization of in-house pharmacies and 340B network pharmacies. Effectively communicating this program to employees through non-digital channels creates a challenge in attaining meaningful results.

Using our Member App, hospitals digitally provide personalized and direct information to employees about cost-saving pharmacy options. Patients can then request a pharmacy switch and be notified of its status within the app, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls.

With the advanced technology and digital communication capabilities available through Levrx, hospitals will increase their 340B capture rate on eligible prescriptions, solidifying these additional dollars needed to deliver quality care to all patients, and to help them fulfill their mission as safety net providers.

Meet The Pharmacy Expert:
Bill Nulman is the Vice President, Channel Partnerships at Levrx Technology. After 25 years in the pharmacy benefit industry, in 2022 he joined the Levrx mission to change the prescribing ecosystem with revolutionary pharmacy technology. Learn more about Bill here!