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Insights From a Pharmacist: Affording Your Meds Shouldn’t Be a Nightmare

The number one reason people abandon their prescriptions is cost. I spent many late nights frantically searching for lower-cost alternatives to help individuals. As much as I tried, many left the pharmacy frustrated and empty-handed.

A long-term customer of mine was on six different life-sustaining medications to manage multiple chronic conditions, including diabetes. When she was consistently late picking up her insulin, I worried she wasn’t taking her medications as directed, which can have severe adverse effects including hospitalization.

Like all my customers, her health was my priority. I knew I had to communicate with her and find a way to help. When we spoke, she became emotional and shared with me that she was no longer taking her insulin as directed because she couldn’t afford it.

It took two weeks of back-and-forth phone calls with 3 different prescribers and her health plan to make the switches. Fortunately, my customer had enough medications during this time period, but too many people simply go without medical treatment while they wait.

Now, what if there was an easy-to-use digital solution for all of this?

The Levrx Member App eliminates the stress and anxiety that comes with going to the pharmacy. This customer would have been able to see her medications and switched to a lower-cost alternative in a matter of minutes. A process that originally took 14 days, could have been done in ONE!  

My time in a community pharmacy may be behind me, but my work as a pharmacist is far from done. When I saw Levrx for the first time, I knew this was something I needed to get in the hands of consumers immediately. By giving individuals the power to manage their prescriptions, we are one step closer to ending the pharmacy nightmare.

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