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Navigate Pharmacy Surprises with Confidence

A trip to the pharmacy can be a stressful experience when you don’t know what to expect. Meet Sarah. She recently avoided the stress that comes with the unknowns at the pharmacy counter with her Levrx Member App. 

Like many, Sarah is on multiple medications to manage her chronic conditions. On her most recent pharmacy visit, she was shocked to see her total was over $107, a lot more than the usual $35! Instead of stressing out, like she would in the past, she simply opened her Levrx app to show her pharmacist how much her medications should be with her insurance. Together, they realized the wrong insurance ID was in the pharmacy computer and once corrected, her total was the $35 she expected.

Sarah’s experience is less common than it should be. Many go into the pharmacy uninformed. When the cost proves itself to be higher than expected, they have no choice but to:

  1. Spend hours talking to the Doctor/Pharmacist
  2. Figure out a way to pay
  3. Leave or skip the medications
  4. Rely on home remedies

The Levrx Member app provides transparency and empowers individuals to navigate healthcare with confidence. Not only did Sarah save money, but she also had the peace of mind that comes with having control over her healthcare expense.

Don’t let unexpected costs catch your members off guard, empower them with the Levrx Member app. This digital solution is the tool they need to navigate healthcare with ease.

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