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Eliminating Disruption in Self-Insured Plans

Self-insurance is a powerful solution for employers to lower their spend and control their insurance plan. It gives employers control of plan design, networks, and cost management programs. While the intention of customizing your pharmacy programs can help lower cost, it results in member disruption and negative experiences.

Levrx’s Transformative Approach:

Levrx Technology supports the goal of these custom programs while minimizing member disruption. Members can easily react to changes in their plan, compare prices in real-time, and switch to more affordable options with a click of a button.

This approach boosts efficiency and ensures transparency and convenience for everyone involved, resulting in significant cost savings for both employers and plan members.

With Levrx you can tell your membership to go to one app to maximize their benefits and programing such as:

  • International Pharmacy: Facilitating access to global medication sources.
  • PAP (Patient Assistance Programs): Connecting individuals with assistance programs.
  • Discount Cards: Providing additional saving opportunities.

End the pharmacy nightmare by eliminating the friction of your custom pharmacy program with the Levrx app.

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