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Tap, Compare, & Save

Historically, switching pharmacies was a manual and time-consuming process. Even with the potential for savings, it’s a task that is avoided because of the hassle. Everything else that you purchase has been made easier with mobile apps. For example, you can easily find which gas station has the best price near you with a few taps. Why isn’t the same experience available for your medications?

Mobile apps have become our trusted companions, simplifying tasks, and saving us precious time and money. Managing your prescriptions should be no exception. With the Levrx app it’s time to seize control of your healthcare decisions, save on your prescriptions, and, at long last, cross “change pharmacies” off your list with a tap.  

Much like selecting the most cost-effective gas station, Levrx allows you to choose and switch to the most optimal pharmacy. With just a tap in the app, you can compare your medication costs across different pharmacy locations and request a switch. It’s a swift and seamless process that not only saves you time but also ensures that you don’t overpay for your prescriptions.

Levrx also helps you choose the best pharmacy before you’re prescribed a new medication. When you’re at the doctor’s office you can proactively view and compare the price of the new medication at pharmacies near you. Helping you avoid overpaying for your medications, starting with your very first fill.

Levrx members who’ve switched pharmacies save on average $500 annually. Don’t limit the convenience and savings to just the gas pump or the grocery store; extend it to your pharmacy needs as well.

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