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Your Digital Privacy is Our Priority

According to a study by Pew Research Center, most people feel they don’t have control over their personal data. At Levrx , we are committed to keeping your data safe and being transparent. Worry less by learning the answers to the most frequently asked questions: What data is Levrx collecting? For those using the Levrx […]

Levrx is the Preferred Prescription Savings App for Capstone Health Alliance

TROY, NY and ASHEVILLE, NC) – Capstone Health Alliance has selected Levrx Technology Inc. to eliminate the stress that comes with finding the best deal on the right drug for their member hospitals’ employees. By putting the Levrx Member App in the hands of employees, they better understand their insurance benefit and find cost-saving options with just […]

High-Cost Prescription Relief

TROY, NY and PHILADELPHIA, PA, – Health Insurance Solutions Inc. (HISI) and Levrx Technology Inc. are making it easier for patients to receive their prescriptions at the best price possible. With the Levrx Member App patients are digitally notified of lower-cost alternatives and savings programs. Together with HISI, Levrx has added a new savings lever […]

One-of-a-Kind Prescription Shopping from Levrx

The best prescription deals in the palm of your hand. (TROY, NY) – Today, Levrx Technology Inc. announces the addition of coupon cards to their existing prescription shopping app. Patients and providers can now easily compare the cost of a prescription within insurance or through well-known coupon and discount cards. The country’s total drug spending increased by […]

EmsanaRx and Levrx Announce Strategic Partnership to Combat Rising Costs of Prescriptions 

Bringing innovative technology to the health care experience, one prescription at a time.  TROY, NY and LOUISVILLE, KY, September 12, 2022 – LevrxTM, which is dedicated to bringing innovative software to health care consumers, and EmsanaRx, PBC, the only pharmacy benefit manager built by employers, for employers, announced their partnership today. This partnership aligns providers, […]

3 Strategies to Help Members Save on Rx Costs

Drug costs continue to increase exponentially. Not only does this affect members’ wallets, it also affects their ability to stay medically adherent. With the majority of adults in the United States on prescription medications, PBMs, health plans, and large employers are looking for ways to help their members save money and stay healthy. In an […]

Araya Partners with Levrx to Deliver Members a Virtual Pharmacist

(TROY, NY) – Araya announces a strategic partnership with Levrx Technology Inc. to help Araya clients and members save money and better navigate the complex world of prescriptions with one trusted mobile app. As prescription prices continue to skyrocket, containing costs becomes more and more challenging. Pharmacy Benefit Managers use many tools to make sure patients have access to […]

Is the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Right for My Members? 

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (MCCPDC) is taking the discount pharmacy world by storm. By promising the “lowest possible prices” and offering transparency, the company is grabbing the attention of consumers. After all, who doesn’t want the best price?  With this tempting promise, many health plan members are enticed to change their drug purchasing […]

Mitigating Medication Non-Adherence

Is that medication covered by my health insurance? How much will it cost me? Can I purchase it somewhere cheaper? These are normal questions a patient asks themselves when being prescribed a new medication. What most patients don’t realize is that determining these answers is an impossible process to navigate. As prescription costs continue to […]

AdhereHealth and Levrx Technology Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Medication Optimization and Reduce Pharmacy Costs

AdhereHealth, a healthcare technology leader in medication adherence insights and health outcomes, today announced a new integration partnership with Levrx Technology Inc, a digital health technology company that drives prescription efficiencies and maximizes savings. Their combined solution enables health plans and self-insured employers to realize immediate pharmacy cost savings and near-term medical cost reductions by integrating Levrx’s plan-specific and real-time prescription insights into the Adhere Platform’s Medication Optimization solution.

Hudson Headwaters Partners With Levrx Technology To Lower Employees’ Drug Costs

HHN and Levrx Partner to Lower Employees' Drug Costs

Hudson Headwaters Health Network has partnered with Levrx Technology, Inc to provide Hudson Headwaters employees and family members a digital prescription savings tool. The LevRx mobile app displays personalized drug pricing and alternatives in real-time, proactively alerts employees of cost saving opportunities, and makes it easy to save with one click.

Albany Business Review honors Vikash and Vikram Agrawal into 40 under 40 Hall of Fame

Pictured are two men in an office. Pictured left is Vikram Agrawal and right is Vikash Agrawal.

The Albany Business Review announces their 2021 inductees to the 40 under 40 Hall of Fame. “The Albany Business Review’s 40 Under 40 award is one of the most coveted professional honors in this region. For the past 22 years, the businesspeople we’ve recognized have gone on to leave their mark across several industries, becoming an essential […]