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Mitigating Medication Non-Adherence

Is that medication covered by my health insurance? How much will it cost me? Can I purchase it somewhere cheaper? These are normal questions a patient asks themselves when being prescribed a new medication. What most patients don’t realize is that determining these answers is an impossible process to navigate. As prescription costs continue to […]

AdhereHealth and Levrx Technology Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Medication Optimization and Reduce Pharmacy Costs

AdhereHealth, a healthcare technology leader in medication adherence insights and health outcomes, today announced a new integration partnership with Levrx Technology Inc, a digital health technology company that drives prescription efficiencies and maximizes savings. Their combined solution enables health plans and self-insured employers to realize immediate pharmacy cost savings and near-term medical cost reductions by integrating Levrx’s plan-specific and real-time prescription insights into the Adhere Platform’s Medication Optimization solution.

Hudson Headwaters Partners With Levrx Technology To Lower Employees’ Drug Costs

HHN and Levrx Partner to Lower Employees' Drug Costs

Hudson Headwaters Health Network has partnered with Levrx Technology, Inc to provide Hudson Headwaters employees and family members a digital prescription savings tool. The LevRx mobile app displays personalized drug pricing and alternatives in real-time, proactively alerts employees of cost saving opportunities, and makes it easy to save with one click.

Albany Business Review honors Vikash and Vikram Agrawal into 40 under 40 Hall of Fame

Pictured are two men in an office. Pictured left is Vikram Agrawal and right is Vikash Agrawal.

The Albany Business Review announces their 2021 inductees to the 40 under 40 Hall of Fame. “The Albany Business Review’s 40 Under 40 award is one of the most coveted professional honors in this region. For the past 22 years, the businesspeople we’ve recognized have gone on to leave their mark across several industries, becoming an essential […]

Vikash & Vikram Agrawal, the founders of Levrx

The Hudson Conference room, empty, with the windows facing downtown Troy.

Vikash Agrawal and Vikram Agrawal, better known as “the Viks,” were born in India and immigrated to New York’s Capital Region in the mid-90s to pursue graduate studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). After completing dual-Masters degrees at RPI, Vikash completed his MBA degree at Harvard Business School and worked in technology startups in Silicon […]

Prescription Drug Prices Continue to Rise

Pills formed into an increasing arrow shape, with a gray background.

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation reports on the growing costs of the prescription drug industry in “Why are Prescription Drug Prices Rising and How Do They Affect the U.S. Fiscal Outlook?” “The rising cost of prescription drugs is a key driver of overall healthcare spending in the U.S. This trend has significant implications not only […]

CDPHP Partners with Levrx Technology to Combat Rising Drug Costs

Tool will help patients, doctors select the most affordable and effective prescription drugs While drug prices continue to rise during troubling economic times and a global pandemic, CDPHP and Levrx Technology are teaming up to provide patients and doctors with a unique tool to help lower the cost of prescription drugs.​“Too often, patients lack the […]